New Novel Part Two

Part Two of my first Novel;


Still a strange title indeed!! The saga continues;
About an extraordinary man.

Countless challenges. And unquestionable bad luck. An unusual story, with incredible journeys into achieving one’s dreams. Follow a one-of-a-kind man through life’s twists and turns! Experience his incredible accomplishments, and unimaginable hardships. A tale that started with the dreams of a young man from Brooklyn. Now part two continues to immerse you in his passion to seek out and achieve those dreams. Now he faces even more challenges, even worse than any war. Being a father, husband, and having to fight Corporate America. So, join him as he struggles with life, as it deals him more undesirable situations. He also realizes the demon within that won’t stop tormenting him. As he pushes forward chasing life’s challenges, he notices weird events that propel him. Things happen to him that seem to defy coincidence! Join him as he tries to unravel; What changed his life? Why so many careers? And who, or what, is haunting him? Thank you, and if you read it, please let me know what you think, by writing a review.

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