I do have a passion and love for cookingwhich started when I was young and growing up in Brooklyn New York. My grandparents were chefs and bakers from Italy, they taught me many things about cooking and baking Italian style. While growing up I worked in many famous and not so famous Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and bakeries in Brooklyn in the late fifties and early sixties. I felt that I had found my career path, but destiny had other plans for me, which pushed me away from cooking! In some respects, I’m sorry for not pursuing cooking, but I did seek out my other dreams.

To that end, I’m happy I did! I joined the Navy to see the world and I finished college and received my degrees. All of which led me to a new career in computers! Which I enjoyed for over thirty-five years till I retired. I then decided it was time to go to Italy! I wanted to become formally educated in Italian cuisine, and Italian style pizza making. Yes, after all those years I still loved cooking, and I had time to pursue it! I eventually became a restaurateur in addition to, being a personal chef and giving cooking classes. Once I felt sure about my recipes, I got the urge to write about them. I wanted to share them with the world!!

After two cookbooks that I enjoyed writing. I decided to write novels and my first one was based on a story about someone I knew all my life! I felt it was special and quite appropriate for my first attempt at a novel. It was a memoir type of story that wound up too long for one book, so there are two parts. My second novel is a mystery and not just any whodunit! It’s a psychological mystery with a twist. I always loved mysteries, especially those from Agatha Christie. I’m now working on my fourth novel, another mystery, but this one also involves science fiction. I hope you feel as enthusiastic about my stories as I am writing them. I always try to embellish the charm of the character in my stories with my unique style of writing. I look forward to hearing from all my readers. I really would like your comments about the books, as well as your reviews on Amazon.com.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy them all. GJM