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Incessant Dream

Meet Rebecca, once a Valley Girl, and now a retired executive who made millions. She has everything anyone could ever ask for; beauty, health, expensive car, mansion, freedom, and a dream that haunts her!

Yes, Rebecca made it big! She retired young from a large Silicon Valley Company. Her life has always been interesting, rewarding, and above all challenging. But now she faces her biggest challenge yet from a dream, with a demon, and a deep dark secret.



A strange title indeed! It’s my new Novel which is divided into two books. It’s about a special someone I knew growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Not just any Novel, mind you, my first one! So, I wanted it to be different and special! Not science fiction, fantasy, thriller, or mystery! Instead, a story based on true-life experiences, that combines them all. I’m sure your imagination, like mine, has taken you to strange places! I wrote this story because I felt his magic and adventures. I can’t describe how envious I was of his dreams too.


In Part Two

His story continues. New adventures and more hardships. An unusual story about incredible journeys into achieving one’s dreams. Follow a one-of-a-kind man through life’s twists and turns! Part two continues to immerse you in his passion to seek out and achieve his dreams. But now he faces more challenges, some worse than before. Being a father, husband, and having to fight Corporate America. So, join him as he struggles with life, as it deals him more undesirable situations. I once wished his dreams were mine, but now, I can’t imagine myself doing as well! He was, and will always be my friend.


Diets Don’t Last… Lifestyle Changes Do!

Is not a Diet cookbook. It’s filled with great recipes that will guide you from a Diet if you’re on one. It help’s you change your Lifestyle. Diet or no Diet, you will want to try them all. Wonderful recipes from different cuisines of the world, all with low-carbs and no sugar ingredients.  Wow!





Not Just Any Pizza! World Class Pizza!

Is not your ordinary pizza cookbook, it is the quintessential pizza guide that shows you everything you need to know about making pizza at home. It doesn’t show you how to make your local pizza joint’s “pizza” instead it guides you on how to make World Class Pizza!!